A Lost Paradise

A Lost Paradise

As of now, around 28% of ocean front homes along the North Shore, involving 2.5 miles, are inside 20 feet or less of the coastline, endangering them of being harmed by sea waves and expanded flooding, in the next few decades, with 2.4 feet of ocean level ascent, that figure is projected to ascend to 40%.

Hawaii is supposed to confront 1 foot of ocean level ascent by 2050 and 3 to 4 feet of ocean level ascent before the century's over, concurring a midrange situation.

What might be compared to 820 football fields. Under current projections, 1,310 structures will be impacted, 2,192 inhabitants uprooted and around 3 miles of the waterfront thruway and 5.8 miles of city streets overwhelmed.


Hawaii is a place close to our hearts and close to many of those who are apart of the Uhventure community. With so many opportunities for adventure this would truly be a big loss and world of adventure.

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