Earth Day Reflect 2022

Earth Day Reflect 2022

UHV Earth Day 


Earth. The reason this company was created. The beginning and the end for us. Every article of clothing, every decision we make and every athlete we sign have this common theme and mindset and that is to celebrate and be stewards of this beautiful place we get to call home. 


To us everyday is earth day. Everyday is an opportunity to enjoy its beauty and explore the vastness that it provides. But we all know the beauty it has to offer. Today is a reminder for us to continually be stewards and to continually create a thriving community that is growing and teaching the younger and older generations. Stewards protect those that cannot protect themselves. It is our duty to protect this earth and all that inhabit it!


So what does it look like to be an environmental steward? What are basic steps or standards to keep?


Many of these might sound like a broken record to you but they still remain just as true.  First and foremost it’s the small and everyday steps that matter. First limit your single use plastic consumption. Whether that be a reusable water bottle, a metal straw or reusable grocery bags. Second is to stop buying fast fashion! Third is to buy local limit buying from massive corporations that ship their food all across the world. Fourth it educate and volunteer. Take the time to research and educate yourself on issues and problems going around locally in your area as  well as around the world. And on top of that volunteer! Go to that local trash pick up event, go to the rallies, raise awareness and engage in your communities! These are all steps that can have a massive impact.


These are just some of the basic and simple steps to be better stewards and protectors of this earth. Change your mindset don’t wait for someone else. Be the change you wanna see. Pick up that trash on your daily walk. Buy that hydro flask. Purchase reusable grocery bags. Take public transportation. Buy local. Don’t hesitate! 

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