To the father figures and inspirational men who shape us

To the father figures and inspirational men who shape us

Fathers Day

     Today we want to celebrate all of the fathers and father figures in our life. Without their guidance, support, experience, and wisdom we would not be where we are today. For that, we are forever grateful!

     Growing up in Hawaii being at the beach and in the ocean was part of life and the culture. I remember my first experience surfing in the ocean and paddling out with my dad. Many other times came before this time but the first time that sticks in my head is paddling out to white plains outside of Ewa beach. I remember the way the water felt, I remember what board I was riding (9’0 single fin Kobie), remember the weather, and just about everything that day. This was the day that water and surfing became a passion. This was because of my father’s love for surfing and passion for bringing me with him to share his love for it quickly became my passion and love. All of this quickly transitioned into my love for water and sports in general.

      With all that being said that one moment is what started my passion for surfing and the outdoors and all it has to offer. Without those moments with my father and the time spent with him, I would not be where I am and doing what I love. There have been hundreds if not thousands that have played roles, but it all started with those small moments with him.

     For those small moments, we want to celebrate and thank all of those father figures in our life. Because we here at UHVenture know those small moments can have the biggest impact on our lives. We are all about those small moments because they lead to passion and action that can last a lifetime. So, celebrate your father figure today whoever that may be. Get outside. Reconnect that passion that they brought into your life. Act without hesitation!


Co-Founder Aaron Kinnes 

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