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Black History Month

Black History Month. Reflecting on the Past for a Brighter Future.

Our planet is the number one thing that gives us life. All Races depend on mother Earth's resources and it takes ALL OF US, not just one of us, to protect and sustain our planet. This is why we can not talk about environmental justice without addressing racial justice. This is a time to highlight important influential individuals and their organizations that propel both racial and environmental justice. Here are 5 Black Environmentalist that you must know.

1. Savonala “Savi” Horne

Savi Horne leads as the Executive Director of the Land Loss Prevention Project. This organization works to prevent the loss of land in African-American communities in North Carolina.  With the leadership that Horne brings to Land Loss Prevention Project they are able to help all farmers and landowners by fighting for sustainable agriculture practices both helpful for the planet and the people. 

2. Chantel Johnson

Chantel Johnson is the founder of  Off Grid in Color (OGIC). This organization was created to help communities learn and grow to be sustainable while off the grid. Started in 2016 Chantel Johnson and OGIC helps through farm raised food, birth coaching, and community outreach.  


3. Tanya Fields

Tanya Fields is the founder of the BLK ProjeK. Fields was tired of seeing too many women who were not able to rise out of poverty and continue to sustain their families. Fields uses who experience and knowledge to leverage tools and education to help these women through creating small business and career opportunities to women and youth of color. 


4. Rue Mapp

Rue Mapp is the founder of Outdoor Afro. She saw the need in her community to become more aware and connected with nature around the world and in her community.  Outdoor Afro has become a ground breaking network through the U.S. and helps connect people and black history back to natural areas while protecting public land. 


5. Christopher Bradshaw

Bradshaw is a social justice entrepreneur who founded Dreaming Out Loud, Inc., this organization helps create economic opportunities for the communities in D.C. who are less fortunate and have seen opportunities diminish. They help build more resilient communities with equitable economic opportunity, greater access to education and a healthy environment for all, not just for a select few.

. . .

These incredible individuals are just a few of the many environmentalist in the black community. You might have not known them before, but we hope this article has made you aware of them now. 

So our challenge to you, is to join us in support, education, and celebration this month by sharing these stories with others!

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