About Us



"Uh" definition of uh - used to indicate hesitation, doubt, or a pause. 

"Venture" definition of venture - to make or embark upon a venture; dare to        enter or go. To take a risk; dare; presume.

Uhventure is an outdoor fitness, action, and environmental supportive apparel company based in the United States of America. Inspired by the outdoors and the vastly different environments, Uhventure inspires you to adventure, live, act, and conserve without hesitation while donating to non-profit organizations taking care of our favorite environments.

Created in 2020 by Kyle Ferguson, best friend Joseph Taveras, and fellow adventure lover and friend Aaron Kinnes, Uhventure was created to give back to the places that we cherish and enjoy on a daily basis. Uhventure is dedicated to creating unique collections that are forward leading in appearance and functionality while also depicting the environments that inspire us in the designs and through donation. With this dedication, Uhventure donates 10% of all purchases to leading non-profit organizations that are leading the way for environmental restoration and protection, without hesitation, through scientific research and preservation efforts so that we can keep enjoying our beautiful oceans, forests, lands, and wildlife for generations to come. Our collections are linked directly with non-profits so you know where your donation goes. The Arctic collection donates to the Green Peace Fund while the Ocean collection donates directly to Oceana. 

This mission stems from Uhventure's key value: "Preservation Over Profit"

We are here to inspire individuals to come together and live a life of Uhventure and ignite an environmental awakening.  

Uhventure is led by:

Kyle Ferguson Founder (photographer, mountain biker, hiker)
Joseph Taveras- Co-Founder (photographer, sunset chaser, hiker)
Aaron Kinnes - Co-Founder (cliff jumper, surfer, snowboarder)


Health living a lifestyle that continues to challenge and grow you mentally, physically and spiritually. Growth is found daily.

Sustainability creating a brand, culture, and following that is focused on making the proper changes to be a responsible steward of our only earth.

Prevention focused not only on the prevention of the many problems that our environment faces but also the prevention of a mundane lifestyle.  

No hesitation to live with Uhventure. To act on our inner most want to be outdoors, active, and conscious. To live so vibrant it pulls other people to live with no hesitation.