Bringing Uhventure into your lifestyle

Bringing Uhventure into your lifestyle

     Taking that first step is always the most crucial step in any journey.  But don’t get us wrong we know this is the hardest step as well but once that first step is taken doors and opportunities open wide. The fear of failure, uncertainty, hesitation and of something new are always looming and if not managed properly mentally can overtake a situation very easily.  But we know on the other side is success and joy to be had for conquering fears or trying something new.

     I guess a real-life example is the next step.  As I sit here writing this blog trying to pick the perfect example there really is only one that fits.  Growing up I was always active and athletic.  Whether it was soccer, surfing, swimming or honestly anything that got me moving or outdoors I was willing to give it a chance.  I was that classic kid in elementary and middle school that could not wait until recess or P.E.  So, I will give you one guess as to what my worst subject in school was growing up. I know it is a hard decision to make, seeing as how beautifully eloquent this blog is written but by far my worst subject was English.  I couldn’t tell you how many late nights and meltdowns I spent with my mom writing papers or preparing speeches.  I’m sure if she could write this, she would tell you in excruciating detail the struggles and countless lessons she had to teach me.  Whether it was struggling to write papers or the lack of confidence or ability to give a speech I struggled with it all.

     Now fast forward to today. I am sitting here writing a blog for a company that I have helped start and build into what it is today. I really wish you could have met baby me back in the day struggling to write complete sentences and having a complete fear of public speaking.  And this voyage and process didn’t just happen overnight.  There was a journey and mindset that I had to work through to break out of my comfort zone. 

     There were a few steps that I believe were critical to breaking out of my comfort zone.  The first one was breaking the mindset of living in the past. I let past experiences and failures dictate how I lived and reacted to certain situations.  Fear is a mindset.  I don’t directly think fear is bad but allowing your fears to control how you live, letting you miss opportunities and new experiences is when fear is harmful. The second step is being able to control your mental and physical reactions to a new situation or when you are out of your comfort zone.  I remember prior to speeches in school I had the sweats, I was shaking, I stuttered and got the colds/heat chills and everything in between.  Being able to slow down and breathe and control what your mind is thinking and then slowly use that same energy to control and be engaged with your body’s reaction is so important.  I know that is easier said than done.  Especially when you have struggled with breaking out of your comfort zone.  The best way to start to break out of your comfort zone is to start small and build from there. For me that was starting to write daily in my journal.  From there I started writing my own blogs and short stories and kept building off that.  Create simple and easy steps that will build your confidence and slowly give you the courage to take that leap of faith.  

     I know we talk a lot about action and adventure sports.  That is a huge part of what we are about as a company and will always continue to be like that.  But our motto “action without hesitation!” expands into all forms of life.  Whether that is writing a blog, surfing, cliff jumping, skydiving or whatever it is we want to inspire people to SEND IT in whatever their actions may be.  We would not be a good company if we did not lead by example.  So, for me it's writing a simple little blog for UHVenture. For you it may be something completely different. But in whatever it is DO NOT HESITATE because when you do opportunities are missed and missed opportunities may never present themselves again.  We hate missed opportunities! As always UHVenture on!

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