Geotagging Locations

Geotagging Locations

     Everybody deserves to enjoy nature.  But not everybody has the same respect, integrity, and intentions that many of us have as avid outdoor enthusiasts. This has become more of a reality in the past decade as so many of our favorite trails, swimming holes, beaches and so much more have been overrun and destroyed by careless and disrespectful people.

     I can honestly remember the start of this downward trend.  It all started with the apps of Facebook and Instagram.  Now don’t get me wrong these apps have so many positive attributes but they also have their negative attributes as well.  One of those negatives was/is the ability of influencers or anyone that uses that app’s ability to geotag local and excluded outdoor locations.  Since the introduction of these apps, hundreds if not thousands of sacred natural spots have been overrun and destroyed with trash, graffiti, and overpopulation.

     The issue with this is there has been a lack of commitment to the culture of respect for this beautiful planet we get to call home.  Part of that us the influencers not setting a standard and an example of how we should truly enjoy these unreal places.  Second is the lack of knowledge and culture in the younger generations of packing in what you pack out.  Thirdly is the lack of respect for nature and the rest of the community enjoying these same places.

     Now it’s easy to talk about everything that is wrong and all the bad that is happening.  But we wanted to end this on an upside and some of the solutions we see to change the direction.  So, let’s dive into these solutions! First, stop geotagging locations!!!  Now, this doesn’t mean stop posting all the unreal photos and videos you snag on your adventures.  But being smart about tagging specific locations. Part of the fun is being able to do the research and find those special places.  As well as most people don’t have the same intentions and respect for these places and being able to do their research adds a sense of pride to their adventure which then hopefully leads to respect for these places.  Second pack in what you pack out.  This is and will always be a commitment by us at UHventure.  The third which goes in hand with “pack in what you pack out”, always carry extra trash bags.  We can’t have the mindset of “not mine, not my issue…”, because it is OUR problem.  If you don’t pick it up who will?? Lead by example.  Fourthly is talk about the issues.  If you see someone littering CALL THEM OUT! How will people ever learn if they aren’t told? Post on your social media. Post brands and pages that lead by example, share stories, post about it.  Lastly, host trash pick-ups at your local spots!  Whether it be at the beach, hiking trail, swimming hole, waterfall.  We love that ish! We as a company are all about this and will gladly partner with you and help get the ball rolling.  Because if we don’t take action who will??

     It starts with the small steps.  We promise you that and if everyone does the small steps huge changes will occur to change the projection of generations to come.  It all starts with YOU!

“Action Without Hesitation”

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