Preservation Over Profit

Preservation Over Profit

What do we want to be known for? 

This is a question that everyone and every company has to ask themselves. For Uhventure it is in our name, we want to inspire people to stop hesitating and to take action, take risk, lead by example, and be stewards of our planet in order to continue to enjoy everything we know and love. So, how can we lead by example, inspire people, and do everything we can to continue to enjoy our outdoors? 

Preservation over profit, this comes from our desire and commitment to always make sure we put preservation first over profit. We want to make a point that no business, group, or individual will ever continue to find success, health, and joy without first taking part and taking care of the one thing we all require as human beings to live, the EARTH. We lead by example to encourage and pave a path so that hopefully more and more companies realize the importance of a healthy outdoor environment and will put preservation efforts first over a profit margin.

1% for the planet is great and many companies promote that they donate 1% back but guess what WE CAN DO MORE. In the grand scheme of things and many massive companies can do more and GIVE MORE. As a tiny 1 year old company we have already committed ourselves to 10% for the planet and will never leave our fundamentals and commitments to the outdoors. It is time we wake up and put the planet first and make a difference starting with putting preservation of profits and actually giving back more than 1% (Come on, this is virtually nothing and just a marketing play to say you care). We challenge you to put your donations where your mouth is and come join us in the woods, on the beach, or at the summit.

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