What is Uhventure?

What is Uhventure?

Hey Uhventurers! We’d like to introduce ourselves.

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Uhventure is a word that means "To venture without hesitation." It’s a combination of the interjection "uh” which is the universal signal for hesitation and the word “venture” which means “a risky or daring journey.” Uhventure was created to give back to the places we love so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. We want to continue to inspire people to get outdoors and venture out into the unknown and hesitate less on experiences while instilling an awareness of their surroundings and environmental impacts throughout their ventures and everyday lives.

We’ve all experienced trash on the trail, cans on the beach, trash in the ocean, and the like. This is why Uhventure has committed to donating 10% of all proceeds to non-profits that are bettering the planet that we love and owe our life as humans to. We think that companies should be doing more than giving a simple 10% off at checkout discount for earth day. So, 24/7, 365 days a year 10% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profits that are working to improve this planet and better the lives of future generations.

We look forward to connecting with all of you and being taken along on every one of your own Uhventures. Together can make a difference to further the beauty of our world. Whether you hike, bike, run, swim, surf, hunt, eat, breathe, or anything else that has to do with our planet you have a part to play in taking care of our earth.

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