What it means to UHVenture


     UHVenture has so many meanings for us.  UHVenture means following your passions.  Uhventure means taking risks. UHVenture means action without hesitation. UHVenture means giving back and pouring into others. UHVenture means learning new things. UHVenture means following your dreams.  I think that is one of the concepts that separates us from the rest.  We are a brand that is in the eye of the beholder and that is the beauty of it. UHVenture can have a meaning for one and a total distinctive meaning for another, yet both are equally true.

     When we created UHVenture we first off wanted to inspire people.  That is why we created our motto “UHVenture without hesitation!” The word UHVenture breaks down into a couple of different words. The first being “Uh”. This is used throughout the English language as an indicator for a pause, doubt, or hesitation.  The second part being “Venture”. This is an action word that marks the beginning of an adventure, daring to go or to take a risk.  Combine these two words and you get UHVenture.  As a company, we want to take those “UH” moments out of life.  Those times in life when there are doubts or hesitation and instead instill a mentality of action without hesitation.  Because when you finally start to live a life without hesitation that is when the journey comes and what is life without a journey.  We at UHVenture want to continue to inspire people to start their journey and live life without hesitation.

     Even at the start of our journey as a company, we had to live out our motto.  Our journey has been anything but rainbows, unicorns, and everything that glitters.  We over-purchased gear, miss launched lines, had influencers/athletes take our gear and ghost us (way too many to count). This list could go on for days. But how could we create a brand that inspires people to take action and not hesitate if we aren’t able to do the same?  I think all of our miscues and mishaps have led us down this path to what UHVenture means for us.  To genuinely pursue a life without hesitation.  To inspire you to adventure, live, act, conserve, and pour into people without hesitation, and that is what we will continue to do!