4th of July

     Today we want to celebrate the independence of our beautiful country in its flaws and all.  We know this is a weird time of turmoil and uncertainty throughout all the different walks of life that call America home.  But that is what makes this country and holiday so beautiful. No matter your race, no matter your religion, no matter your sexual preference, and no matter what motivates you there is an opportunity and chance to make a life of your choosing.  This does not diminish the issues that we as a country need to come together to overcome and fight.  But instead to look at the beauty that this country provides.

We know that the 4th is usually celebrated and known for parades, fireworks, and bonfires.  But we want to change the wave and ways to celebrate. Did you know that in 2018 just short of 20,000 fires were started by fireworks? As our beautiful earth is going through crazy climate changes and extreme droughts these numbers continue to increase.  These fires are devastating to our beautiful ecosystem. Here in the PNW we know all too well about fireworks causing massive forest fires that ravage our picturesque forests. In 2017 the eagle creek fire destroyed over 48,000 acres leaving the forest and surrounding cities in absolute chaos.  

Because of this, we want to encourage you to celebrate this holiday in different ways.  There are many of them.  First and foremost is to find your community.  Whether that be family, friends, or both.  Finding a way to gather and enjoy the company of the people that mean the most to you should be priority number one.  Some of our favorite activities are a massive BBQ, finding a body of water to cool off and enjoy, a river float, a beautiful day at the beach, or just a nice friendly game of kickball. Adding to this festivity we want to celebrate as a company by doing a storewide sale for Independence Day! Everything across our store website will be discounted for our community.

 So, if you are celebrating the 4th of July or just going on an adventure takes UHVenture with you and act without hesitation because when you hesitate opportunities are missed and missed opportunities may never present themselves again. So, this 4th of July stay safe, celebrate safe, and enjoy the community of friends and family in your life. Blessings!

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